Read this : $xxxK lump-aum port re-org. Looking for some thoughts!

By | February 24, 2021
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Discussing whether to re-org my brand new port vs letting it ride as-is. Let me know your thoughts. As it stands at this point, I’m at break-even as this is a brand new port I entered into a few weeks ago using a $xxxK investment. Current: SCHB: 35% SWPPX (redundant with SCHB): 35% SCHF: 10% ARKQ: 2 . 5% SPAC: 1% Cash: 16. 5% New Port: SCHB: 65% (just consolidate SWPPX instead of 2x SP500 exposure) VXUS: 20% Speculation dollar: 5% ARKX (cash until this drops): 5% Cash: 5% Simply no plans to sell ARKQ until right after it turns around, even if this is a LONG wait. Any thoughts on the brand new port? Debating between this compared to just letting my current slot ride. Im break-even atm therefore i won’t realize any net obtain nor loss to re-org. I actually mostly want this port to become set and forget (namely that will 85% in LT ETFs). Value any feedback!
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