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By | February 24, 2021
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Trying to find feeling better after a spinal adjusting. Haven’t done it in a year and am went there to get the same start working the mind I got the first time I had this. Anyways, the sharpness started developing over after the seance, and the time after I was starting to feel regular. I combined it with yoga 2 times a day. i also set the particular alarm at 8 so I had been building some sort of routine. I held coffee to a minimum and lifestyle was going smoothly. I was as a whole control of my emotions and I totally forgot I had brain fog plus lived my life like any normal individual would. And then came one day, I actually overslept a little, and boom listlessness came and brain fog MADE AN APPEARANCE. I WAS LIKE DAAAAAMN NOT THIS PARTICULAR SHIT AGAIN. It was barely 1h1/2 more than how much I used to sleep. Really damn damn I bet no one is having this shitty existence exactly where everything needs to be tracked and managed, I’m done brain fog We surrender!
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