Read this : what can i do to cope with feeling really upset when someone i love is sad?

By | February 24, 2021
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generally any time something bad happens to our boyfriend or my family, or in the event that theyre upset for any reason we immediately feel it too. yet sometimes way stronger. tonight some thing happened to my bf (wont get into details) and he was pretty aggrieved for a bit, now hes on a discord call w his friends doing offers and hes having a good time but i actually seriously cried for half an hour plus started having suicidal thoughts and i nevertheless dont feel okay and it actually wasnt a super bad thing such as its a reason to be upset however, not like this for this long. i think it offers something to do with experiencing too much empathy? the been getting really bad recently. sorry if any of this doesnt make a lot of sense im not really sober at the moment
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