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By | February 24, 2021
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Acceptable strap in because I just binged the series and frankly I use whiplash; what did I just view? I started down this bunny hole with the expectation of a genuine horror BL and it was therefore promising, then episode 2 and are in another genre, then an additional. The first 3 episodes of this is surely an existential crisis. I had no idea the things i was watching, what the plot has been, or even if there was a style. But I could not look aside. I had to keep watching. Then midway through we get a gangster payoff arc, wtf? Over the top violence, combat scenes, some solid kills, each bl trope there is going packed into this. The leads even though, sold this top to bottom 😏 The particular chemistry was there, mind you there is solid cringe, good laughs, yet mostly a state of confusion. When you let go and enjoyed the trip this was a solid production. I place a spoiler on this to be secure, but I’m going to dig in a little bit, this had something I have not really seen yet; domestic fluff. Indeed this horror bl ends with all the leads married with an adopted boy. AND we get special episodes of these just being soft as heck. I’m still in a state associated with confused WAFF. Honestly I have no chance to describe this except it needs to become experienced, be warned though those people first few episodes are some thing.
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