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Somebody was messaging me about the things they were going through with a breakup upon here. And honestly, for me individually and my own opinion (and I actually bet most of you guys because well) one of the hardest part of the breakup, wether it ended upon good terms, bad terms or even anything in between. After it’s completed and you begin no contact, I believe the thing that makes most people want to crack that, is the fact that you know you are today becoming strangers. I struggle to deal with giving someone everything, all the remembrances, the love you had, the future you needed, the constant state of being around that individual and you two being inseparable. We all knew everything about each other, we all envisioned this person for the rest of existence, we talked all day everyday, each high moment in life they were for some reason there, every low moment these were somehow there, our lives were connected. First thing in the day you do was say or text hello, last thing you did was textual content or say goodnight, now you 2 don’t even speak, and you are each on your own again and not together. And after that when that ends, I’m imagine to just forget all of that? And completely forget any of it ever occurred and move on? I struggle significantly with that part. Knowing that we will certainly be strangers. When at one stage we were each other’s person. Really dont even necessary think it’s the particular loneliness of being single after the connection, I always have felt it’s the truth that you now know someone you believed would be there forever and has been your world, is now slowly being a stranger again that you won’t observe again, and eventually no one to you, plus vice versa. And the thought of understanding your person will eventually end up being becoming that way with someone else brand new, haunts you. The bright side, ultimately someday they will be removed out of your thoughts and you’ll be totally great, but the path you have to go down to achieve that point is a sad, scary lonesome path. This is what I’ve been experiencing recently, it ended rough yet is probably for the best, but you just can not change how your heart seems, no matter what anyone says, or the facts/truth of why you shouldn’t be using them.
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