Read this : So you think you love her/him? Read this if you were the one that made the mistakes and keeps reaching.

By | February 24, 2021
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Therefore you love him/her? Read this & then give the person that you’ve harm the dignity and respect associated with not continuing to break them straight down anymore. If you can’t stay in their particular life without hurting them after that don’t be in their life. It’s quite sadistic & selfish for you to continue to place someone through the very things you know can be hurting them. Chances are that they are damaged but still love you enough to become willing to unfortunately have their heart to you when all you’re effective at doing is breaking theirs. Cure yourself before you try to play with someone else’s heart again. But still: you want these to believe you love them right? Image this. I know you’ve told all of them that you love them and that they are the most amazing person to you. You convey to them that they’re your soulmate, “all of the good in myself is due to you, ” that you’d perform anything to give them all the love plus peace and happiness they are worthy of… then you get angry or annoyed and all of a sudden that loving incredible person you just expressed sweet terms to, becomes someone you accuse of not loving you, not really being there for you, not taking care of you, being cold with you, getting hurtful to you, not being sufficient for you essentially… and it doesn’t cease there, your rage continues till you’ve hurt them to the point associated with no return. They’ve lost for your hurtful words and actions once more. They’re in bed crying, it damages too much. Few minutes later, maybe one hour or a few you apologize correct? you send your little vacant apologies, the one you’ve been using for years now because it works like a charm correct? The apology that never comes after with actions bc if it do, why would you even have to be apologizing again?? Repeat this cycle, repeat, do it again. You fuck up yet again, a person make her feel bad about this, you tell her shes not knowledge of you because she can’t believe it is in her heart to be alright with the pain you’ve caused. And he or she feels even more inadequate. But consider, why apologize again when for years of apologies you still repeatedly harm this person. Don’t you feel just a little bad, bad enough to stop? Exactly why apologize anymore? It’s because you are not afraid that you hurt one you “love, ” you’re a lot more afraid of being alone, because just as much as you act like a bully, you are just someone thats too weakened to maintain their own power & personal control so you gain those things simply by hurting the vulnerable people that really love you. You don’t enjoy them. You’re just weak with out them because you don’t love your self. You realize you’re no good for them, however, you selfishly break them down until these people hate themselves as much as you detest yourself because then you’ll have always them. At some point, the person that was continually there for you when you never earned it, the person that fought difficult for you & chose you & all of the pain you put them by means of above all the peace and pleasure they could’ve had – at some time that person leaves & they depart silently, without a fight because they understand they can’t fight this combat alone. Remember that the next time you get in touch with the one that you hurt.
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