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By | February 24, 2021
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The prior “mainline” games had their name screens change after reaching a essential point in the plot: Bravely Arrears: Flying Fairy –> Lying Well-ventilated OR Bravely Default: As the Fairy Flies –> Airy Lies Fearlessly Second: End Layer –> Deliver Player What are your guesses as to Regardless of whether BD II will have a name screen name change? Assuming it can, what the change will be? My insane theory: Bravely Default II –> Bravely Default III (pronounced, “The Third” in English) Reasoning: Story twist will be that this game is in fact related to Bravely Default (the first) and Bravely Second This sport will resolve some of the open storyline points from Bravely Second, specifically Yuko, Ringabell and the Sword from the Brave “Third” and “Sword” are usually identically transliterated into Japanese because サード
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