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By | February 24, 2021
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Since i have has started read bl plus yaoi my social anxiety grew to become more weird. I’m an introvert person and it is really hard for me to create new friends or talk with other people. However , if I talk with girls Personally i think more comfortable neither guys. Maybe this because girls attract me a lot more generally. Cause they are so adorable and supportive (I’m girl as well 🤕) But boys are so various 🙄 I think the main reason is that we now have separate interests or hobbies, therefore Idk what about talking with them. However, I’m in love with 3d gay men from manhwas. They are so sympathetic, handsome and don’t judge you! Somebody can say that I’m crazy or simply afraid of real boys because of our low self-esteem, etc . Nevertheless, We don’t know how to deal with this. (sorry pertaining to my poor English, it is not the first language 😢)
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