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By | February 24, 2021
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I actually hate excessive sound effects. Especially when something happens to be supposed to be funny but they’re not really that funny so the editor scattered in sound effects that make the picture hell to get through. A good example of the particular abuse of sound effect is going to be TTSS2 and Why R Oughout?. Another one would be fujoshi girls. Personally i think like they always portray all of us with these obsessive stereotypes. In Exactly why R U? Zol write the bl novel with her sibling as main character. I how to start hoe explicit her novel is usually but what kind of sister feels comfortable visualizing her own brother…? And the latest a single I saw is the teaser of HIStory four: Close to You. Obsessed fujoshi is basically the entire plot. Enough about mine, today tell me your pet peeves in BL
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