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By | February 24, 2021
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There are had no problems with my PERSONAL COMPUTER since I built it, but last night I bought and downloaded Star Resident. I opened it this morning plus tried playing it for a bit. Following a little while the game crashed. No biggie, restart. Crashes as soon as I download in. Ok weird, restart. Will it again 3 more times and after that the entire computer goes down. It comes backup and then the whole computer crashes some more times. Then it starts blue screening process. I do a system scan from command word prompt ran as an admin also it says it detected some damaged files and fixed them, personal computer works fine for a bit and then accidents. Loads to my login screen, reaches my homescreen, crashes. Does this particular a few times and now the thing is locked inside a permanent loop of booting, arriving at the repair screen, me attempting something, it not working and running down. It’s been hours with more improvement at this point and I’m losing our mind. Please does anyone possess any ideas? Edit: For additional context, I have seen a number of mistake codes when it blue screens. Those I can remember are below. one Kernal security failure 2 . Essential process died
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