Read this : One thing’s for sure, if they’re toxic with you, their other relationship/s are most likely the same way. Especially if they cheated on you and goes back and forth b/n you and someone else 🤷🏻‍♀️

By | February 24, 2021
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Therefore 3 months post-breakup, my ex delivered me an email saying he “misses” me, that he’s sorry because of not giving me what I deserve blablabla. I would have been touched by the motion if I didn’t know any better. We have been through this tiring on-off plus back-and-forth relationship for 2 yrs each time he says sweet nothing like that will or that he regrets what this individual did and that he “knows much better now” I USED to cave in, rofl. He never changed, tho. Individuals like him rarely do. When they left and fooled you as soon as, they would do it again. Curiosity got the very best of me so I decided to look into the soc med of my ex’s on/off gf (the chic this individual left me for) or what ever shitty toxic relationship they have, and am feel so so relieved right after doing so.. well lo and see, they’re not together anymore.. once again. I honestly feel so treated now knowing that I dodged the bullet. To think that I used to envy her cuz my ex seemed to go towards her over and over again despite any kind of situation makes me laugh at this point. I’m so glad I don’t possess that kind of drama in my lifetime anymore. Part of me feels optimistic knowing that karma has hit ‘em both, lol. Is it wrong in order to feel this way? 😂 sorry not really sorry PS: still have him clogged everywhere. Didn’t even bother informing him off anymore. Never believed I would get to this point 🥺
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