Read this : Mutual fund bond selection: FXNAX VS FBNDX.

By | February 24, 2021
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When i learn about investing I realize i have the opportunity to select my own mutual money for my 403(b) and look for an opportunity to lower my expense percentage which stands at 0. 2009 (VITLX, preselected by my program based on my age) and maybe enhancing performance as well. My account is certainly through fidelity and by opening the brokeragelink account I now have entry to more mutual fund options. I love the idea of a three fund profile and thought about: FSKAX 65% FZILX 15% FXNAX OR FBNDX 10% The first two offer 0 cost ratio. The 3rd is 0. goal vs 0. 45 respectively using better return on the later. Our question is, does it matter 2 much which one is select or even am I over thinking this? Certainly open to all suggestions actually regarding the total composition of the the portfolio. I chose three to continue to keep it simple. In advance thank you for the recommend.
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