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By | February 24, 2021
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I discovered the other day that my BAT finances is suddenly running almost bare. Now, I didn’t have a wide range of BAT in it to begin with, because We have set auto-contribute since start, plus use a variety of VPNs on our PC which sometimes hamper obtaining regular ads. My surprise whenever checking Uphold was that in recent months We’ve started making mich more miniscule levels of monthly BAT – 1 . seventy five, 2 . 5, 0. 75 and so forth Which I guess is fair — I do live in Eastern Europe, I am aware there are tiers of BAT benefits depending in which Ad market region you are. I knew this was arriving eventually. But what I also found is the fact that last 2-3 months Brave continues to be meanwhile removing a steady 5. zero BAT montly from my Support account to auto-contribute. Which proved helpful ok for me when I was producing 7-10 BAT a month, I want to lead. But now that rewards have dwindled for some, it’s kinda crazy the particular minimum auto-contribute option to be fixed at 5. 0, higher than elaborate earned in some use-cases. tl; doctor: My point is this – possibly make the auto-contribute minimum custom, therefore people can set it in order to whatever suits them. Or create auto-contribute flexible – to take BASEBALL BAT only from your montly total revenue, not your total ones, in order to amount of some custom percentage. (I fully realize the second option may be more difficult, but also seems more user friendly, e. g. set 50% of the monthly earnings to be auto-contributed)
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