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By | February 24, 2021
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From the song from the 90s, the girl attempts to seduce the hero. It is chance in the night and the girl gets desperate after every attempt associated with hers fails and she takes off the girl shirt or dupatta and then lastly the hero comes and wraps her in her clothes as well as the song ends positively. i think that is a rain song and the hero is usually non responsive through out the music… and what she takes off is a coat or blouse kind of a thing Leading man is an agry young man in the music.. so he’s not only non receptive he’s also angry and he just softens in the very end.. you will find no back ground dancers.. they are on your own.. it’s a shady place.. lonely.. remote.. the girl sings throughout.. the man doesn’t sing at all.. She would wear a long black and gold coating kind of thing which she will take off by force in the end in disappointment and turns her face aside because she’s embarrassed… she considers he is going to do the deed yet he just lifts the coat/jacket which is still hanging on her elbows plus closes it.. so basically he or she is quiet throughout.. she opens the girl top with a lot of force.. may coat kinda thing not a gown.. I don’t know what he is raise red flags to about.. but he’s least thinking about her and kinda angry as well.. when she pulls off the girl jacket we are to assume that she has naked It’s driving me crazy. Thanks 🙏
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