Read this : I’m not a good person, I don’t blame anyone who leaves to be honest, I’d leave me too!

By | February 24, 2021
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There are something wrong with me, for a long time now. I was diagnosed with BPD in a very young age, with split character. One side is sweet plus talkative, and the other sabotages plus causes trauma to everyone close to me. Once the damage is done, We try to fix it. But some things I have done I can’t take back. I actually explain it to everyone I actually meet, the whole “I’ll self sabotage, I’ll push you away, Ill press all your buttons and the ones a person didn’t even know you had”, but in the end, I’m too much plus I’m eventually left alone. The chest hurts, because a part of me personally is sad they left, yet another is happy that I can not ruin their lives anymore.
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