Read this : I’m getting bullied by my co worker and I can’t stick up for myself as I used to

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I did previously be able to stand on my own two foot when I got called names. Usually had something more witty and much more degrading comeback to say. Now I try to defend myself and I just come across my words and look like an fool while he’s roasting the clips out of me for basically simply no reason. I never started clips but been nice. I was ridiculous enough for him to technique me into thinking this girl loved me and that she wanted to speak with me. (Ive been single for 2 years and I’m more susceptible than ever) So I went to speak with her only look like an fool with her telling me she gets a boyfriend and almost everyone inside my job laughed at me. I am the pretty much the biggest moron today people are talking to me in a sculpt where you talk to children because they observe me as mildly retarded. Now i am honestly quitting my job. That is why I wanna end life. The person won’t stop harassing me plus calling me retarded.
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