Read this : I created a new decentralized social platform where users digitally sign all their data. It’s powered by a transparent algorithm designed to promote trust rather than division, and the user identity system works natively with Brave’s crypto wallet. Satellite just launched and needs users.

By | February 24, 2021
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It’s actual called Satellite. Many of the early dreamers who built the Internet back in the 90’s thought it would bring peace plus global unity. Unfortunately… as the Web evolved it became dominated simply by large commercial platforms. Today that it is obvious to everyone that “social media” (should be called *anti-social* media) has, for the most part, driven all of us apart and created more misconception than ever. The fatal mistake has been allowing cyberspace to become a giant hyper-targeted ads platform where everyone hails from their own media echo-chamber. The content rating algorithm that powers the give food to in Satellite is different. Rather than displaying content that is most “engaging” (i. e. addicting and bias-confirming) this identifies publishers that have received upvotes from other users, weighted by the ballots the upvoters have received, further measured by the votes those upvoters have obtained, and so on. The object is to identity writers who have received not necessarily *a lot* of upvotes, but rather *diverse* upvotes, thus proving their ability to show thoughts/ideas that simultaneously appeal to visitors who have very different perspectives. Unifiers. Bridge-builders. Leaders. The social media algorithms which have driven society are designed to sell advertisements by putting people into smaller sized and smaller targeted groups. Satellite television is trying to do the opposite: to link and reconnect groups by boosting the voices that find typical ground. There’s no guarantee it will function, but it’s worth a try. Nicely, thanks for reading this far. There’a much more to explain, and if you’re curious I might invite you to read the “Welcome in order to Satellite” intro article that you’ll discover on the front page. I’m pleased to answer any questions here or even on Satellite. To be clear: Satellite television does not require any tokens or even money of any kind. The only cause you need a crypto wallet is to give a secure storage location for the key key that you use to prove your own identity. I know there’s a lot of crypto frauds out there right now, and I can guarantee you Satellite has nothing to do with any of that will.
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