Read this : I can’t tell if I hate him and I’m going insane

By | February 24, 2021
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Our mate told me he needed a rest, I don’t believe it’s just a split. I keep switching between inconsolable sadness and hate fuelled trend. I just spent an hour crying informing myself I missed him plus needed him and shit and today I’m just like “fuck him, in case that’s how he’s gonna end up being he might aswell not bother returning cus I hate him therefore fucking much”I’m going insane it is only been like two or three times. earlier in the day I messaged my sister a whole essay upon all the nasty shit he’d carried out because she said he was obviously a nice person. Two hours later on I was asking everyone if they’d spoken to him today and when he’d said anything about myself. All day I’ve had to fight in between being suffocating, clingy, needy or even being spiteful, nasty and bad. I can’t tell the difference in between love and hate anymore Dont really know how I feel. I don’t know what in order to feel. I’m so sick of this particular shit. I swear when I began writing this, there was a point towards the post but I can’t banging remember so I’m just going to put it as perspective needed or even some shit
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