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By | February 24, 2021
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I needed to post this here because I suppose a lot of you can relate… I’m sure a lot of you have similar experiences, but I believe Brand New has legitimately been among the things that’s kept me going for a lot of years now. I remember seeing suggestions by several people to listen to Brand name New’s album The Devil Plus God Are Raging Inside Myself, how it was the definitive emo album and was perfect to hear during the deepest part of Autumn, simply sit back, headphones on, and get it all in. Sowing Season peaked my interest, Millstone held the attention and Jesus Christ pennyless my heart. From that minute on, I knew this project was something special. Reading the lyrics to these songs along with the music, I noticed that the method Jesse described self loathing which deep desire to find anyone who will like you despite your flaws, however being rejected by everyone, also God, really struck a blend with how I had been feeling on that very moment. I was battling with almost all of my closest close friends, and I felt alone, weak plus hopeless. Jesse’s lyrics showed me personally that my these feelings had been shared by someone else, and that some other person was doing pretty alright for themselves at that time. I remember completing the album and instantly implementing the line, “It’s hard to be the much better man when you forget you’re trying” as my new mantra, plus feeling relieved to find this lyric, a lyric that felt like Vincent wrote specifically to tell me to not be too down on myself regarding messing up. I don’t play Completely new very often anymore. Not for any specific reason, I just listen to a lot of songs, and tend to leave my favorites unblemished for long periods of time so that, when I perform come back to then, it feels so gratifying to rediscover my love for their songs. The Devil God is our comfort album, the album We listen to at my lowest of levels, and the one piece of music I could always trust to lift the spirits. I know so many of you most likely feel the same way about their songs, whether the album is TDAG, Deja, Science Fiction, etc . I know that individuals all share this commonality, I realize that you guys relate and Now i’m probably not saying anything new or even interesting to any of you. Yet I felt that, right now, whilst I’m at low point and also relying on this band to get me personally through again, I could share on this community of broken souls who’ve been able to turn to this band if they feel alone and hopeless exactly the same way I do.
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