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By | February 24, 2021
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Therefore I’ve been working at a firm for the last five and a half years, being an estimator.
During 2020, I was asked to do a arbitrary, told them I couldn’t complete, they sent me home for any week and a half. When I could complete clean, I was rehired and had in order to sign a “Last Chance Agreement” subjecting myself to randoms to have an unknown amount of time. So I was about 6 months in.
I got to operate on Wednesday, to a text from your safety manager saying I had the random and only 45 mins to obtain there. Usually it’s a mind up and two hours to obtain there. But whatever, I move, get there, and the front desk is similar to “Along with your urine test we have been taking a hair sample” And I had been just like what the fuck lol. Therefore i called my boss and inquired him why, he asked precisely why that mattered, I told your pet I couldn’t pass I had possibly smoked three times in the last two months. Yet I would workout, drink gallons associated with liquids and test myself before you go to work on Mondays. He informed me to go back to the office to get the things, I did, and left.
Washington State. Has anybody had something similar happen? Maybe you have been asked to do a locks sample?? Because it seems fckn strange to me. Thanks!
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