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By | February 24, 2021
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Spoilers from Season 3, Episode twelve “Half Measures” and for Season a few, Episode 13 “Full Measure”…. Precisely why didn’t Gus go out of his method to contact Jesse after the murder? Even when he didn’t want to do it themself, Mike has demonstrated the ability to track people down and that he could be at least capable of tracking Jesse lower and could have said, “Don’t perform anything dumb, the boss is usually handling it. ” Surely Gus would be aware that Jesse will be extremely emotionally charged after what goes on to Tomas Cantillo and that a good “irrational” response would be imminent : especially from a “contemptible junkie” (I also don’t understand this view due to the fact Jesse is mostly clean for the period and has shown he is capable of cooking food better meth than everyone yet Walt and Gale). Gus apparently also makes no attempt to obtain the dealers off the street to explain on their own or to deal with them. I feel such as if Gus didn’t order the particular execution then he handled the situation awfully and that is not in his character. Therefore for me, the only explanation that makes feeling is that Gus ordered the delivery to bait Jesse to getting killed so that he could get Gale in the lab and study Walt’s methods knowing that Walt has airport terminal cancer and Jesse didn’t display many signs of knowing how to run the particular laundry lab and at the same time eliminating someone he doesn’t trust. Because of this , he is so angry at Walt for killing the dealers, not really because Walt killed them yet because it kept Jesse alive plus Gale out of the lab before Gus realises Jesse has vanished and can force Gale back in anyhow. I know that after “Half Measures”, Gus definitely wants Walt plus Jesse dead which is why he pushes Gale is back into the lab yet by this point it is 100% destructive rather than a business-oriented decision.
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