Read this : Does anyone else still feel depressed, even when trying to accomplish things?

By | February 24, 2021
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Therefore thankfully school has gone well for me personally so far this year. I ended up obtaining an accelerated course this term that’s done now as it just lasted 8 weeks, and got the 4. 0 in it. I’m succeeding in my other 3 courses plus found out that I got an fifth there’s 89 on my midterm, which I think about great as I was expecting a lot worse. When I’m not experiencing a depressive episode, stuff like this could be encouraging and make me happy. Yet right now it means nothing, I nevertheless feel awful. Even trying to achieve little things, like getting tasks done, taking a shower, even fuckin playing a video game or viewing a tv show still makes simply no difference. I’ve been watching a brand new comedy show (AP Bio) plus I’ve been able to laugh yet even while I find stuff amusing I still have an ongoing empty sensation. I even tried going to find family today and having supper with them as I thought that would cause me to feel feel better but I still really feel so depressed. I’m not quitting yet but fuck, I’m holding at the straws here. I just desire something that’ll make me feel better.
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