Read this : DAE want to move to another city/country to start their life over?

By | February 24, 2021
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We read a post where somebody asked if we ever felt like operating away from society to be alone, shifting out to leave in the woods in the center of the country. I sometimes feel like that will but anyways I can’t bear sensation alone for much time. My issue is, do you ever feel like you frantically want to move to another city or even country to start your life over again? I actually often feel like this and it’s another plan that I have, secretly. We are literally learning a new language and so i can move away from my nation and start my life over in a brand new place. Sometimes I feel so overcome by all the criticism and poor thoughts I think others have regarding me that the only solution We find is to run away, hoping which i don’t screw everything up in this new country too: (
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