Read this : DAE only feels bad emotions strongly?

By | February 24, 2021
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we have always thought i either really feel everything too hard or feel almost nothing but that wasn’t 100% precise but i couldn’t ever describe it further than this. but nowadays i think i got closer to it. personally i think all bad emotions so hard such as, when i’m sad i’m prepared to jump of a building, when i am mad for even the dumbest factor i’m furious, but when it’s great emotions it’s just…. empty? i possess seen lots of ppl with bpd say they feel every feelings strongly so that’s why i’m wondering. when i’m supposed to be happy and am kinda am it’s still…. absolutely nothing… i don’t even know merely love my friends because it’s therefore empty. when i have a crush they have never love it’s just infatuation and more emptiness. sorry i cannot think of more feelings other than depressing angry happy and in love sdjdkdk but you get it! anyway is other people like this?
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