Read this : DAE feel like social situations only worsen your BPD traits ?

By | February 24, 2021
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the greater social situations = more levels. i am so incredibly anxious in discussions, even around people i’m confident with. it’s almost like i can’t make any kind of sense, no matter how hard i attempt. and i’ve been quite the stoner gal lately so i know they have partially because i’m stoned actually all of the time, but i feel like that it is overall social incompetence worsening the mental state for me. i genuinely believe i look and act like a good alien or something and that can make me so embarrassed and can make me feel like shit about me personally. then, that causes me to spin out of control, so i avoid people to avoid them viewing me spiral because i’m spiraling because of something i said about them. blah blah blah. now i am starting to wonder if this is more on the medial side of my anxiety and not BPD. anyone else feel this way? i want to feel less alone lol
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