Read this : Anyone else feel like Murder Most Foul is his best work?

By | February 24, 2021
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Personally i think no need to “have” a Dylan music I consider his best. We never really did before. But this, damn. I just think it’s lightyears beyond anything he’s ever completed. Anyone else feel that way? Just interested if I’m alone here. Musically, it almost reminds me of the Lou Reed song, something like “Street Hassle” or “Heroin. ” Droney, somewhat repetitive, but in a hypnotizing sort of way. I could listen to only the music alone on repeat permanently. Lyrically, wow. Not gonna are lying, about the last thing in the world I actually needed to hear was a Dylan track about the JFK assassination. On paper, this doesn’t sound like a very good idea, once you think of it that way (to me). But what he does right here — some crazy, transcendent deep breathing of the power of art via this surrealist story of the leader on his way to the hospital, asking the driving force to play him his favorite songs… or even whatever it’s about. I have no clue, basically. The way this individual bends time (anachronistic references), produces this fictional universe of the murder that seems to teeter between fact and fantasy, treats popular amusement as a sort of call to hands against tragedy. Who knows. Whatever’s taking place here, it’s super brilliant plus powerful. It’s this absolutely charming, tragic avant-garde rumination on artwork as the only real weapon against injustice — almost like imagination is the 1 edge we have against the brutality associated with reality. I just can’t think of everything he’s ever done that excites me or fascinates me just as much, artistically. Then he sends the music off with some crazy Civil Battle reference… or is it a music reference? I don’t know and do not wanna, honestly. It’s just a lot better as a mystery. I think the main element here is that the line “murder many foul” originally comes from Hamlet, Ghosting telling Hamlet to avenge this particular “murder most foul. ” Dylan seems to argue that the only way to avenge injustice is via art. Which, right there, is about the coolest and most outstanding thing he’s ever said, in my opinion. Almost like JFK’s ghost beckons the particular listener to avenge his loss of life, but through music, film, books — art, in whatever moderate. The perpetrator’s identity is, eventually, irrelevant, because the solution is the same, irrespective.
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