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By | February 24, 2021
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Right after doing a few scans and assessments, it’s confirmed that I’ve tumor growth on my intervertebral disks C2/3, C3/4, C4/5, C5/6, C6/7, C7, T1 and T2, or even basically almost the entire cervical backbone. Doc recommend to remove it simply by discoplasty using super laser, that is the term he used. It’s the non invasive surgery. The timeframe depends on the difficulties he may or might not face. I had done one circular of it late last year just to eliminate pressure. It wasn’t that poor but two weeks back I had one more round of it to remove as much as can, thought it was a day surgery We stayed in for the night. It’s fine needles going thru my neck plus vaporising away the tumour that is poking into the nerves. When I woke up, my neck was rigid and I wasn’t able to get up or even walk. No strengths in my braches either. Someone had to spoon give food to me. The following day took the particular discharge as I had to head back in order to UK to attend to family matters. Throughout the trip back I laid back and rested through. I was wheelchair bound since i have couldn’t walk. I do have close up contact with the doctor who had completed the surgery on my situation. I was told not to stand a long time, sit too long but laying during sex was fine. Given much of the particular painkillers and supplements to take, which usually consumed as told. But you observe, it’s been two weeks. I haven’t gotten my strength back, the particular cold weather here doesn’t really assist with my recovery. My legs move as I walk, my neck is still limited to turning radius, my back again still hurts and all. So just about I’m disabled and unable to return to my norma self. I was informed to use water therapy to restore my strength but I’m not able to do so with the lockdowns and all. Therefore hopefully appreciate if someone can advice me on what I could perform. Of course the doctor did say recuperation won’t happen overnight. But I actually do hope I could find a way to rest well, without the pain in my back again or the neck. Like for instance, it’s 0156 here and I’ve been in mattress since 2330, I still could not sleep due to the discomfort everywhere.
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