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By | February 24, 2021
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I am 31, U. S citizen. Want to just have a place to park cash and watch it grow. I have simply no interest in day trading or stocks, therefore naturally the bogglehead philosophy interests me. I have a Roth IRA yet don’t make much contribution into it. My aversion to the Roth IRA is about having money I can gain access to whenever. Is really the only benefit towards the Roth IRA that it’s not taxable? I’m not looking to touch this, but I also don’t want to not have to get able to access this money till I’m retired. Can I still comply with the Boglehead philosophy while placing money into my brokerage accounts? My goal is to retire early and enjoy the money. I contribute to a separate pension account through my work, plus my work matches what I place in. I wish there was a way to place this money to work. My various other question is on where I ought to invest. I’d like some contact with the international market, I’m considering a 50/30 US to worldwide ratio with 20% in provides. Not sure if bonds are worth it at this stage. If not, then likely a 60/40 us to international (total world) ratio. I’m also looking to spend money on REITS. I understand that you should purchase various kinds of investments in taxable and no taxable accounts. How would you men recommend balancing my portfolio.
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