Read this : 23 almost 24F, how to block the memory of an ex who does not want anything to do with me?

By | February 24, 2021
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Hello there, it has almost been a year given that my breakup, but i can’t appear to move on. When i thought that i have managed to move on, i’m always back to square 1 again when a memory flashes simply by. Sometimes i feel like i can just forget about him entirely, other times i feel such as i’m trapped by my own remembrances of him. Ever since the beginning of this particular month, my mind has been clouded with guilt about the mistakes which i did to my ex. On Valentine’s this year, it got worse as they posted an insta story along with another girl (i should not possess lurked, but i did). Even with our breakup, we were still speaking, which was wrong on my finish. However , he made me responsible for missing him and held responsible me for it, after the breakup. i am aware he doesn’t give a damn regarding me at all, but why does love my seem to not fade or dwindle… How does one block good remembrances and stop missing an ex just like a child?
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