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By | February 23, 2021
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I must record a deed for a customer. Sounds easy, right? Slap this in an envelope and mail this down to the recording office. No . I must first deposit the check the customer sent me to cover the submitting fees, which also has money with regard to my fees with it. Ok, sign in and mobile deposit, right? Create a new check from my accounts to cover just the filing fees. Simply no, not that easy. I switched balances almost a year ago and just remember We haven’t got the mobile down payment set up on this account yet. Or even did I? I search the email for the address of the financial institution clerk who was helping me with this. Find the email. Oh, she do set it up, I just haven’t used it however. Get out my phone to make the down payment. Password for their app is wrong. Remember that the bank makes me change it out every 90 days. Remember that my accountant sent me an email ten times ago saying she couldn’t obtain the account linked back into QB following the last time I changed this. Can’t find where I had written it down. Login from the PC with the saved password and alter the password again. Link this to QB. Email the accountant that it’s fixed. Totally forget precisely why I was doing all of this in the first place. Begin working on something else. See the client’s check out sitting on my desk. Keep in mind that I forgot to get this done, log in to QB and write the particular check for fees. Open bank application on phone to try out the cellular deposit and – WHAT’S THE NEWEST PASSWORD AGAIN? Break down and weep for 30 minutes because I’m trapped in a career I have no company having in the first place because of my psychological conditions. Wonder if I’m gong to get to file for disability or seek bankruptcy relief. Realize that I’m never going to have the cash and other things I want in life. Understand that I’m never going to pay off our mountain of student loan debt. Search engines best careers for people with Bipolar. Understand the world thinks I should be a cashier or a cleaning woman regardless of the high level of intelligence. Contemplate committing suicide. Cry a little more. Give up and venture out drinking with my friends? I how to start. Everything is just so difficult, and am don’t know what to do with myself. ​ TLDR: Everything that should take myself five minutes takes me like an hr and a half and when I realize this can always keep me from being since successful as I could be without this particular disease, I have a complete depressive break down and even longer crying jag.
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