Read this : What’s the deal with the BAT points changing value? It seems as soon as I get a certain $ value, the value of each BAT just keeps dropping.

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We’ve never redeemed or used one of the BAT points but on both from the computers I’m using I’m viewing the $ value of BAT’s maintains dropping and my total dollar value doesn’t exceed a set worth. Currenly it’s $5 on one plus $2 on the other, and it’s already been like that for well over a week plus I’m trying to figure out why the value of BAT’s would be dropping after they have been gained. This whole points thing appears a little strange BTW and I really do not care about them – I’ll proabably just give them to a couple YT/Bitchute makers. ​ So why is the value of the particular BAT’s dropping, and it seems to be performing it fairly quickly compared to the stability I saw for a couple months.
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