Read this : What was the game that turned you into a board gamer?

By | February 23, 2021
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For a lot of, games consist of ‘Monopoly’ or ‘Risk’ and that’s about it. And then one day, a person learn about the ‘real’ games. The online games that take your youth from you… which make you realize there is so much more out there to try out. For me, it was about 15 years ago along with Settler’s of Catan… then (immediately after) Cities and Knights. Just before this, a good game of credit cards or dominoes was a good nights gaming. Settler’s broke the floodgates… then we soon discovered Bed rails and Sails and Splendor, plus BAM we were off. We personal about 100 games now, yet without Settler’s, I don’t know in case we’d be so hopelessly addicted. by the way…. we hate Settler’s associated with Catan now. Won’t back up into it. Funny how things change.
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