Read this : What new business ideas can I incorporate so my kitchen staff can work on for the meantime that there are no customers or restaurant is shut down due to covid19 regulations?

By | February 23, 2021
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I am a hospitality business owner and because of current situation I’m seeing a lot of places having to let go employees or even reduce their salaries. This is some thing I completely want to avoid at any cost. For this I’m searching for new business suggestions that I can incorporate to my ‘normal’ restaurant business model which solely depends upon what guests I’m hosting in my little hotel, this is close to a popular visitor destination in the beach. ​ Excellent total of 3 restaurant workers: 1 Chef 1 Cook one Waiter ​ My other property: ​ I have basic restaurant cooking area supplies + the ability to probably market products to nearby hotels, dining places o even online. I have a little workshop and open area area which I can use as well as a small permaculture orchard (not enough for expanding commercially). Can invest a Greatest extent of $5K-10K for adding brand new resources for this business (new equipment, etc). ​ Requirements ​ I must be able to temporarily switch and ‘migrate’ my business between each other, while wearing no real attachments to this brand new temporarily business. I only need to create enough revenue to cover for all workers salaries. I’m looking for something easy not stressful where I can create just enough to cover basic cost. Producing food for delivery or remove is not an option, I’m in a visitor destination where when in lockdown this is not economically feasible. ​ Thank you so much everyone so much!
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