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By | February 23, 2021
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Wanswap is a new decentralized exchange built with automated market making (AMM) modeled after the explosively popular Uniswap, and built on Wanchain blockchain. It in addition to the standard swapping and liquidity providing features common to all AMM DEXes, WanSwap also features liquidity farming inspired by related projects such as Sushiswap. WanSwap takes full advantage of Wanchain’s cross-chain features in order to power trading between assets from multiple blockchains using Wanchain’s cross-chain wanTokens including: wanEOS, wanETH, a growing list of wanERC20 tokens, wanBTC and with more chains & assets soon to be added soon after the launch of Wanchain 5. 0. With WanSwap: Instant transactions that take 5 seconds lol Fees that are cents on the dollar to add liquidity and plantation Farming rewards from 50-200% APY The most important part – cross string assets so you can put your additional chain assets to work without having to trade them.. you can and will be able to plantation your BTC, XRP, DOT, UNI, SUSHI etc
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