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By | February 23, 2021
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My spouse and i a chance to watch this movie known as “Welcome Home” recently and as regular people do, I went to view the reviews of the movie after viewing it. The critics had basically praise about it and rightfully therefore. But then I went on IMDB’s reading user reviews section and it honestly felt like I needed entered a septic tank, festering with toxic scum, leaving myself with a distaste even greater than the actual movie presented me with. Individuals were giving it 1 star without much (if any) reason. Calling the crystal clear choices made by the characters since dumb or mindless; I understand that the movie is subjective and not everyone is expected to get everything yet come on! This wasn’t some Nolan level of storytelling, not that difficult to understand! Another point that I saw becoming brought up was that the antagonists had been shown to be religious and that somehow converted to people saying those were unneeded elements and that the movie and movie director are “Anti-Hindu”. First, I like our multidimensional characters and the heinous items they were doing were their defects, not the religion’s, for me this just emphasised how bad(good? ) these antagonists were. Second, are usually we so insecure about the religions that we need to always often recommend against any signs that may not need even been there? Sorry with this rant, this instance just cantankerous me, I guess I will go back to as being a passive viewer now.
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