Read this : Weaning off bupropion, does it get better?

By | February 23, 2021
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I simply started weaning off bupropion since it has quite literally ruined myself. It helped my depression substantially for a while, but that has ended fairly abruptly. That is nothing compared to the stress and anxiety I’ve had, it is the absolute most severe it’s ever been. Extreme anger in everyone to the point I just want to separate as to not take it out on anybody, tinnitus that keeps me alert, intrusive thoughts that never finish, obsessive thoughts where if I perform or think something specific it’ll happen (I’ve been diagnosed with OCD but it’s been manageable for any long time), etc . So , I am getting off of it, with my psych’s help of course , slowly. Getting off seems pretty bad too. I know drawback can be brutal (I was hooked on benzos last year and phew that will withdrawal was rough) but with this particular, I feel completely hopeless. I just lately started getting off it so obviously the effects of the bupropion are still right now there, or maybe withdrawal effects are the same or even similar I’m not sure. I’m simply in this head space where I am convinced it’s never going to improve, that I’m going to be trapped as an angry and anxious individual, with no memory, no ability to concentrate, and intrusive thoughts that never ever stop. I guess I just wanted to know anybody else’s experience with getting off bupropion. I understand this is a silly thing to request, but I need to know it gets much better. I am not suicidal at all, yet I can’t live like this. Just how long did it take and what side effects do you have? I feel so alone. Our boyfriend and parents do not understand in any way, and I don’t expect them to, I simply want them to know it’s not deliberately and this isn’t who I want to end up being, this can’t be who We are now. Sorry for the rant, I actually appreciate any responses.
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