Read this : There is no such thing as class in capitalism.

By | February 23, 2021
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​ Yes there is inequality. I’m not really denying that. Some people are richer than others and have more income. Each person earn money in different ways. There are simply no seperate and strict classes that will everyone is assigned to at delivery. There are many examples of people born wealthy becoming very poor, and many examples of the indegent lifting themselves out of poverty. When there was a strict class framework this wouldn’t be happening. Most people get richer over time as a result of capitalism, but the poor get richer a lot more slowly, and the rich ger more potent more quickly. It’s a myth that the bad get poorer. Inequality grows with time in capitalist society, and this is really as a result of the fact that some people contribute a lot more than others. This has nothing to do with course. You can’t put people into nicely defined class. A small buisness proprietor who might be considered a capitalist might be living paycheck to salary. A doctor might be very rich despite the fact that he works for other people plus doesn’t own the means of production. Eventually the product of inequality is the non-reflex transactions that take place between individuals. You aren’t in your financial situation because of course, but because of the choices you produced and the voluntary transactions that occurred between you and other people.
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