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By | February 23, 2021
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Amazing, I did not know what the finishing was going in and it got myself. The novel is very Victorian, plus spends a lot of time in true Victorian fashion telling rather than showing. Says of being, mental worlds, whole figures are done with an adjective or even two. Standard Victorian novel do. And a short, uncomplicated read. Probably the biggest thing I noticed was that this never uses the word “rape”, although the whole point to the book appears to be that the way society views Tess after this event is wrong.
That said, the way that culture – and ultimately Angel — are presented as viewing Tess on knowledge of this is, if not surprising, emotionally draining. A sign the guide makes its case well. Another large theme seems to be a critique of alienation from life/nature. Tess is generally presented as innocent, natural, good, and almost pre-Christian. This is as opposed to the manipulative nature of Alec and his family, and modern gardening techniques. That Liza Lu reaches take up the mantle of genuine and innocent at the end is a meeting of the time, and probably needn’t end up being read into in the book itself. Also the deaths of all the more doubtful characters is again moral retribution, even – or especially — for lazy drunks. That the guide, despite its pushing against Victorian views on women’s virtue in virginity, eats up all the Malthusian concepts of over populated poor unsuitable for parenthood mindlessly producing a lot more mouths. In fact one of the ways early on that will Tess is shown to be good plus smart is through her own critique of her mother for this. It had been good to have read the book that will stirred up a debate during the time, and it’s a debate I’m happy we’re passed in the 21st century. Though that will her child dies not long right after birth makes the book not need in order to dwell on the other results of rape. OKAY, this is rambly and unformed. Therefore that’s enough for now. What possess other readers of this novel considered it? Any questions or aught?
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