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By | February 23, 2021
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Hey there everyone, I hope everyone is well! This really is pretty long, so , if you look over it through, thanks! I’ve (39m) posted here before a few times just before, regarding my BP ex gf (33f) and how I’ve been confused with the on again/off again type of the girl BP rollercoaster (feel free to dm me for some details, if you’re interested, or feel like it’d help with object rendering advice. ) So , as for the name, I’m kind of concerned for the ex gf. We dated for approximately 2 years, lost contact for about seven years, and have a somewhat rugged type of relationship- it’s platonic, yet has hints of a romantic and gf/bf relationship. Over the last roughly 6 to 9 months or so, she has been “getting out of the system (i. e. have a tendency pay taxes, being a sovereign resident, don’t work and so on….. i’m unsure how to explain the details. ) The girl keeps saying that I’m a servant to the system, and to join the states’ assembly, so I can “be free” and “be out of the program. ” ​ On the surface, yeah, that will sounds tempting, but , at the same time, I believe this is a rabbit hole, and I you do not have a good feeling about it. She is extremely into this movement, and has eliminated full bore on it, and has renounced her citizenship (we’re both American) and has become a “state citizen. inch She is pissed that I haven’t carried out this yet, and keeps pressuring me to do this. I told her Now i am uncomfortable with it as of now, and was looking into it to come to my very own conclusion(s). This only pisses the girl off more, saying that “I (her) have told you everything you need to know. Take pleasure in being a slave. ” and so on. I assume my main concern is that she will go balls deep with different things, and obtain super emotional with it, whether it’s ideas, lifestyle choices, and so on, only to type of “come back down to earth” as they say. It seems like an extended manic episode, because she has just dove head 1st into this, and has been promotioning for it very hard, and gets raise red flags to whenever I don’t see stuff her way. This seems to be the girl MO, as she seems to usually wants to have things her method or no way, she’s always correct, everyone is dumb except for her, and so forth I am concerned mainly due to the girl shooting blindly and having a fake safety net. This seems to be the end many, know all for her, but , the rest has been that way too. When whichever she’s in to crashes and burns up, she gets pissed (usually with me for “not telling the girl it was bad”) and blames myself for its failures or not telling the girl it was a bad idea. I guess I’m confused; I don’t feel responsible for the girl or her actions, but , We still don’t want to see her join to any type of trouble (especially lawful, since she thinks she is not able to be prosecuted because she’s “not an American citizen anymore, she is the citizen of her home state”) and, this seems kind of like the delusion. She went on a similar kind of campaign a few years ago, which the girl now calls her “practice run” of “trying to free individuals. ” She recently said that the lady knew that was “crazy” and that it had been “out there” yet, now she actually is doing something similar. To boot, the lady keeps mentioning that she desires me to live with her to assist out around her place (i. e tend to the garden, do things around the house) and “if clips hits the fan, make sure you ready, because you and I are going to move out together. ” She wants myself to quit my part time job, which she’ll take care of me (she does not have any job/source of income except for a good inheritance) and that she’ll make sure every thing is taken care of. I even lately took a couple of days off work to find out her, and, the day of, the girl said she didn’t want myself to come see her. I’ve been type of distancing myself a bit, and just examining in once in awhile (apparently, I am the girl only support network) and have already been letting her just get ahold associated with me, since she’s “been occupied with the assembly (the movement because of not paying taxes/being free. )” Once again, she’s pissed that I am not really doing, and that she’s been “telling you (me) about this for a calendar year, just do it” but , it looks like a prolonged manic/delusional state, and I was pretty concerned, and am unsure what to do, if anything.
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