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By | February 23, 2021
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Hello all I wanted to share with you several tips that I have been doing which have FINALLY helped me to not binge within the past 3 days. I know you might think 3 or more days is nothing but I had not really been able to stop for a single day within months. I had gained 22 pounds during that period (and I was currently overweight prior to that! ) plus got diagnosed with prediabetes and even which was not helping me stop! The very first thing that helped me get under control was initially of all, taking metformin. I am unsure what the situation is for you in case you have prediabetes / diabetes or pcos you can usually get a doctor prescribed for it. After I took it for that first night, I WAS FINALLY IN A POSITION TO FEEL A FEELING OF FULLNESS right after finishing a meal which I had not skilled in so many months. I nearly cried because I thought something had been so messed up with me as the previous night I couldn’t get full right after eating an entire packet of nudeln (500 grams) and an entire box of biscuits along with some veggies in one sitting! Even after I’d really feel a bit full, after 30 minutes to an hour, I was ready to give food to the binge monster again. Occasionally, there can actually be something actually wrong that is preventing you through feeling full, such as high insulin levels. Every day I was hating me personally for not being able to just stop. Properly, the metformin helped me that evening and ever since I have been able to not really binge. I make healthy foods with vegetables and plenty of fiber and water to keep me complete and if I get super starving at night (Which is really common pertaining to me), I make some yogurt along with berries which is usually enough to maintain the hunger at bay. I also proceeded to go for a walk today which is an additional bonus! But the thing that has been an overall total changer for me was listening to deep breathing videos for weight loss – it doesn’t need to be weight loss if that’s not what you will absolutely after, could just be healthy eating and so forth But it has helped me SO MUCH. Probably the most helpful videos on Youtube for me are through Master Sri Akarshana, he is amazing and his meditation videos can actually transform your life (I am not subsidized in any form! ). Anyways I really hope this can help some of you and wish the finest of luck in this journey
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