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By | February 23, 2021
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Hello there one and all, and welcome to One4All’s Computer game Survivor. Today 16 brave rivals fight out in the luxurious concealed land of Shambala from Uncharted 2 to see, who exactly would be the sole survivor! Before we enter the writeups, I’d personally want to say a big thank you to everybody who submitted characters for this collection, without you! There wouldn’t be considered a post about this anyway if you hadn’t submitted! But without further furore, let’s get into the season! LINK: 16th [Diogenes] Properly, this should be pretty straight-forward, Diogenes was separating himself from the remaining tribe and wasn’t in any connections so at this point, he was nearly guaranteed to be voted off fifteenth [Wii-Fit Trainer] Wii-Fit Coach could have been a threat in terms of issues, but unfortunately she irritated all of those other tribe, so the 2nd Fisher Group Alliance decided to take her away 14th [PaRappa the Rapper] PaRappa would probably have been out first if this wasn’t for Diogenes not having an alliance, but he was extremely loyal in his alliance with Charlotte now and Johnny so there’s that will 13th [Frank West] Honest wasn’t a notable player hanging around. He wasn’t allied with anybody and just stuck to his stomach. Unfortunately, alliances will get you significantly ahead in this game so Honest was voted off 12th [Matt] Matt was a great player when it came to challenges and was allied with Samus, yet unfortunately two votes against Yukiko was not enough for the rest of the group to agree with him and Samus. As a result, Matt was voted away 11th [Johnny Cage] For whatever reason, I had a feeling Johnny was going to become out before the merge. Though this individual was in a strong alliance with Charlotte now, my prediction came true plus Johnny was voted off tenth [Little Mac] In this period, a lot of close calls were experienced, and the vote between Ada plus Mac is a good starting point. Mac acquired potential to make it far into the video game in terms of challenge. But it was a coin-toss between either him or Ava getting voted off, and Mac pc was left to bite the particular dust 09th [Ada Wong] It seems that the votes from the final Tribal Council against Ada are not forgotten, as it finally resulted in the girl getting the boot. However , she is at two alliances and liked by a few characters, including Boris so there is that I guess 08th [Samus Aran] Believe it or not but there was quite a good chance that Charlotte might have been voted out before Samus. If the votes tied after the revote, then Im certain that Samus might have won and stayed. But the cause Samus was voted off had been because of Yukiko as she treated the final blow to Samus to prevent a tie, but she unded up losing the most loyal away from her alliance members 07th [Sofia] Sofia was a quite unremarkable player, aside from her successful a challenge she didn’t really do anything at all notable in the game, so as a result I actually wasn’t feeling anything when the lady was voted off 06th [Steve] Steve was among the competitors who received the most ballots in the game at 11, it appeared that later in his campaign this individual was receiving at least some ballots. It’s understandable as to why he has been getting votes, he seemed to be a simple target, not getting any benefits, but just making through because of his alliances 05th [Tanya] Tanya is kind of amazing, in how late she is at the game and she only got ballots just for this Tribal Council. However it seemed that Pink was the girl downfall, if players were permitted to vote for themselves then Red would have been out instead of Tanya. Though it does seem pretty unusual that her and Charlotte would certainly vote for someone in the connections 04th [Charlotte] Charlotte now was mostly a social gamer this season, she wasn’t winning any kind of challenges, but she got to the ultimate 4 due to her strength within her alliances. Still, she was obviously a fairly consistent player in this video game so she did a good work 03rd [Boris] Boris is the best player of the game, without doubt. Winning the most challenges out of anyone so far, and being well liked close to camp allowed him to rise to great heights. However , this particular made him a great threat in order to Yukiko and Pink so to become safe between the two of them, Boris had to be voted off 02nd [Yukiko Amagi] Yukiko did nicely for herself, eventually making it towards the final vote with her alliance-buddy Pink. She barely got any kind of votes when the time came meant for tribal council and she ultimately outlasted most of her fellow competitors 01st [Pink] Pink was obviously a great competitor though I think that will she got this far due to her fellow alliance members. Naturally , she was a good competitor within challenges but she would be considered a risk and voted out if it was not for her fellow teammates, but the girl survived and became the champion of One4All’s Video Game Survivor! Make sure you tell me what you thought of this season as well as the characters down below, and stay tuned for that next season of One4All’s Computer game Survivor!
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