Read this : Reoccurring ice patch on 15/501 south bound

By | February 23, 2021
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Hey there everyone, I know we are nearing the conclusion of the cold weather, but I thought I’d get this to post to let as many individuals be aware of a large area of the highway which has ice every morning that it strikes freezing temp. Even if I can assist one person not get in a wreck, this awesome article has done it’s job. As one passes across the off ramp for get out of 108 while south bound plus right after the overpass, there is an region where water is constantly getting forced above ground. It’s unfortunately directly on the bend of the highway that is perfect for losing traction and getting in to a bad wreck. In the last few weeks There are seen a few wrecks right after that will bend; this morning’s wreck becoming the worst (looked like four cars, but was at least 3). Each time, the temp is at or beneath freezing when I see the wrecks. For this path in the morning, please be cautious going around the bend at this part of 15/501. But if we are being truthful… if the temp is within 5° associated with freezing please drive like your grandmother is in the car holding a Crock-Pot full of gravy while she is within a brand new white dress. Cheers Clarington!
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