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By | February 23, 2021
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Queen U I R K Dodge Name: Tentacle Tongue Quirk Kind: Mutation Quirk Description: Tentacle Language replaces the user’s tongue along with up to 10 possible tentacles. The consumer can control how many tentacles you will find, but there will always be one that eliminates his tongue. The user can change the scale, can camouflage them to fit their own surroundings, and change the length of the tentacle and can even swing from it like a string. The tentacles are strong and can send out ten at a time, simply able to carry the user or even a grownup in each appendage, make them helpful for grabbing, grappling, throwing, or common traversing. These factors are accompanied by the tentacles having relatively dexterous features and a surprising range. Disadvantages: However , the user’s body is nevertheless just strong as they train this, making it an obvious weakness. The tentacles can also be used against the user if they are not really careful, from being caught within the environment, grabbed by an opposition, or even tangled up in by themselves. They are also part of the user’s body, which means that they can be damaged if not careful. Additionally, it causes the user to speak with a lisp. As the tentacles do regrow stronger compared to they were when they were cut off, growth takes three minutes per tentacle.
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