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By | February 23, 2021
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Now i’m an English teacher and Let me start a blog part time to gain extra cash. I write anyway, I would as well get paid for it. I’ve been in it for about a week. I’m the person that researches the heck from something before I start. I love to do things right the first time. My is actually, all I keep finding are usually these clickbait “so you want to start a blog? Pay me $500” responses. I don’t want a obtain rich quick scheme, I’m ready to do the work. I realize great info isn’t free, but Now i am also smart enough not to choose a ride if I can find a better way. I have to know where to start. I have a GoDaddy Domain name, I’ve picked a template in the managed WordPress that comes with it (there weren’t many options? I did Barista plus I’m editing it), and We’ve learned the definition of SEO and exactly how important it is. I have a niche which i think will bring in traffic, plus a couple other ideas in case it shouldn’t. I’ve seen that I need to really get my website ONTO Search engines somehow. I’ve seen that there are equipment to know how well your particular web site is doing, but I don’t know which of them are the best. I’ve seen that there are methods to research the best keywords and Let me know where to start. Thanks to anyone who may point me in the right path!
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