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By | February 23, 2021
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Hi all! So I have PCOS and the past have had really bad responses to hormonal bc pills/nuvaring (made my anxious/depressed and had a lot of clotting). I am overweight in the 290s once i got it inserted. The Insertion: Proceeded to go well, no real pain. These people told me that the local anesthesia might burn, but I didn’t encounter that. That was an odd yanking sensation and then it was over. This hurt for a few weeks after that. I needed mild bruising but it hurt to try and do pretty much anything along the lines of lifting or even holding something under my supply. As of now (4 weeks later), Excellent small scar where it was placed and nothing else. No pain, bruising, etc . My Experience: Whooooooo Youngster! Be wary if you have anxiety and depressive disorder. I got a dose of Xanax to assist with the first couple of months upon Nexplanon. My doctor said basically needed more than what she recommended in a short time span, we’d have to look for another option. I spent a lot of this last month bouncing in between anxious, crying, horny, and furious. The mood swings were outrageous. I was also very sensitive in the belly for a few weeks. Luckily that has weaned off in the last few days. I’ve dropped around 14 lbs in the last four weeks. I don’t know if that’s Nexplanon associated though but it was mostly due to the nausea. My skin looks good. Hair looks fine. I usually feel okay. Its very apparent that I am on hormonal bc, as in I feel different. It’s not poor though. First Period: So this is how I’m at now. This. Garbage. Sucks. I knew the first time period would be rough. My period is extremely normal to what I typically have you should definitely on BC, however , the cramping are worse. I’m crying/anxious continuously the last few days. I had to lastly crack open the xanax. I am going to say, it’s no worse compared to regular anxiety attacks for me, but it is usually obvious that they are not “natural”. The particular Nexplanon is making me really feel emotionally out of wack. To give you a good example of how out of wack, I got annoyed with my boyfriend because he would not hold my hand in front of his close friends. (Which was stupid as we had been interacting with different people in different parts of the hang out there location and he was cooking). Furthermore, don’t worry, it was a socially distant hang out with a few people. Overall, no different really from some other BC. I like it so far.
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