Read this : My journey into bitcoin (the steps I took as a complete noob in the US) – PART 2

By | February 23, 2021
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You will see my original post here Since that time I have learned a lot. For starters, in case you are even considering getting a hardware finances down the road, like a Trezor One or the Ledger Nano S, do your favor and just order one. I actually didn’t realize it at the time I actually started, but if you plan to move your Bitcoin from a hot budget, like the Green Wallet in my primary post, to a hardware wallet, you are likely to pay a fee. It may not become a lot, but it’s a waste pounds. Also, there are different types of wallet balances, you can learn more about them here. We made the mistake of sending every thing into my older SegWit-P2SH accounts, which isn’t a big deal if you plan in order to HODL, but now that I know the distinction I would suggest making sure to use Native Segwit, or native SegWit-Bech32, if you have the chance, it may end up saving you money later on. Hopefully this info helps somebody out. There is no reason anyone has to make the same mistakes I produced. None of the mistakes cost quite definitely but its annoying spending money on something you don’t have to. I know this is all very mind-boggling, but just keep reading through the articles, use the search feature, and Search engines and YouTube are your friends. I am just still kicking myself for not scuba diving in sooner but now that I am here I couldn’t be more happy.
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