Read this : My ex left me for someone else. I need help.

By | February 23, 2021
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Hey there, here’s my story: Last This summer, 2020 my ex broke up beside me. She had been spending a lot of time along with my friends (all guys), one person particularly. Let’s call him Steve for the moment. She would fight over little details with me, then go off on lengthy late night calls with him until 3-4am completely disregarding me, plus everytime I’d have to bend more than backwards and ask for her forgiveness no matter who was wrong (bit of a development in our relationship). Then, I talked to a female mutual friend associated with ours for about 10 minutes, and that was your breaking point for her. She split up with me over that stating which i shouldn’t be talking to girls without the girl knowledge, and it was fine along with her to do the opposite because your dog is a friend of mine (what? ) Anyway. It was absolutely wrecking for me personally. I had severe anxiety and systematisierter wahn because of it, barely passed our semester (I’m in medical school). Couldn’t focus on anything, couldn’t consider anything besides her, and could not sleep without taking anti anxiousness pills every 3-4 hours. Quick forward to today: I had a good recovery from the breakup, and had been at an extremely happy place. I had been doing great in uni, my buddies were very supportive… And then I discovered out she’s dating that man. I wanted so bad to be incorrect about my suspicions, I wanted to become a crazy jealous ex.. but no. I was right about everything I think. Her extremely quick moving on in the relationship.. her being with your pet 24/7.. I mean she basically reduce me off that friendgroup (which I’ve known for years, and she actually is only known for a few weeks) mainly because she couldn’t hold off leaving me personally for one of them. I was right, yet I fucking wish I was not. And here I am back to point absolutely no again. I’m in a horrible state of mind. My anxiety is ruthless. Examinations are closing in and I still cannot get myself to study, I can’t discover joy in anything I do, whilst she on the other hand, is having the time associated with her life with my friends (ex friend group, I guess) plus her new lover. I need help and advice. I’m hurting so fucking a lot. This was a girl I was planning on leaving behind my medical school tuition only to be with, and that’s what happened in the long run. I need your help guys, make sure you. I’m a 21yr male. Plus I’m so sorry for the lengthy rant.
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