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By | February 23, 2021
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I am looking for suggestions for a low-risk (~2/5) Vanguard mutual fund to build short/intermediate-term savings for non-retirement goals. There are ~$30k to invest now and intend to make monthly contributions to this finance in the $1K-$3k range for the near future. I’m planning to use the money like a down payment for a property in a five to ten year time frame, but this is an summary goal with a lot of flexibility. I had ~6 months worth of costs in “high-yield” checking/savings, and I am maxing out my retirement efforts. With this fund I’m willing to endure a little (maybe 2/5) volatility in return for a little more than enough development to beat inflation. I’m presently in the 32% marginal tax group and live in California, so taxes advantaged status is a secondary concern. I’d also like the option to break associated with $1k-$3k chunks to buy sector-based ETFs along the way. I’ve narrowed it right down to a few funds that have similar comes back: VCAIX – Best tax benefits, but i’m concerned about the focus in California bonds. VTEAX — Similar returns to VCAIX, less tax advantages, but attractive diversity. VASIX – This is the kind of risk/diversification I’m seeking, but has no taxes advantages. Ultimately, the after-tax earnings on these funds are very comparable, so I’m having a hard time choosing one. Does anyone have encounter using these or other lower-risk Vanguard mutual funds for intermediate phrase savings?
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