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By | February 23, 2021
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We don’t know what I wanna share. It might be just… last few days were terrible. I met with my doctor yesterday and we talked about how final month went, we don’t fulfill very often, and I tried to be sincere. I went through my diary plus make notes about my selfharm relapse, about anxiety from examinations and and getting individual study policy for next semester, about last weekend break when I was home alone. I actually went through daydreaming/dissociating episode from Sunday evening to Sunday noon. That it is fantasy, when I’m tied up plus restricted and under control of someone Now i am creating with my mind. We mostly also masturbate in these shows. It took me a lot of time to come in order to peace with my sexuality. In order to enjoy sex and don’t feel have to make it some bdsm fantasy. Not to escape to being someone else. A man experiencing all joy and also discomfort. I pretend that there are other people residing in my head. Parts off me which i don’t want to be me. Or at least I actually never wanted. Sometimes it’s simply mess, something we are good friends plus live this one life together plus time to time switch the control. They have definitely not DID, my brain simply use this to help me cope with the particular mess in my head. It helps myself to just stop back and take a break through everything. Sometimes I just turn off. I simply sit there little dizzy. I am aware that there is world around me, I simply don’t have capacity to process this. It’s just too much. To a lot pressure and/or too much pain. Mainly I feel like I’m keeping this particular for myself. How miserable Personally i think. What’s really going on. To find out can be wrong. Yesterday I felt the contrary. Like I’m making things up to obtain attention and care. To manipulate the planet around me to m the pleasure. But than I obtain scared when my doctor upward dose of my mood stabilizers and tell me he’s considering to test another medication. I felt like a possibility that bad. The idea that it is produced me feel awful. I just are unable to do it much longer. I felt like I actually don’t want to be here anymore for approximately half an hour. I couldn’t make me personally to go to bad. I tried viewing Lilo and Stitch to relaxed myself, but when the part exactly where everything falls apart I began crying. I couldn’t stop. I had been either avoiding my emotions or even crying till two o’clock. All of them I finally decided to take our crisis pill and finally fall asleep. As well as turn off the waking alarm. It could eleven and I’m still within pajamas. Watching Red Dwarf plus considering to make some french fries. We already ate all the ready to consume meals. Getting up and making some thing feels impossible. Or at least to a lot work. Yesterday I pushed personally to attend my classes. Today I needed to work, but I don’t know easily make it. And bonus success tale: ) Yesterday I recognized, that will 2/3 of my lunch dish was to be just vegetables. Purpose was to full me as well as make myself ready something additional healthy too balance all the dark chocolate I eat. But it was excessive. And I managed to put most of this aside and eat a meal that will had some energy in it.
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