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By | February 23, 2021
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Seems using the Pocket cameras since 2014 and absolutely love both iterations and decided to pre order the particular 6Kpro as I primarily do outside handheld and was itching for any tiltable screen, NDs and a good EVF. I’m feeling a bit used aback by the windowed sensor beneath 6K on the pro, (could become wrong here but) more information, more computing, and longer modifying. So the FX3 comes along and it will remind me of the OG Pocket and it has me really considering getting that will. 6K Pro – Pros EVF Built in NDs It’s blackmagic Cost FX3 – Pros Size Completely adjustable screen Top handle Picture stabilisation no need for cage 4K at many frame rates Autofocus Looking to the community to hear your thoughts upon Sony, whether it’s worth switching for them FX3 6KPro
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